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The Misphits Children's Book Series

Who are the Misphits?

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“This is a story about challenges, differences and triumph over adversity. I love that it shows the young reader that being different is okay. That disability is a natural part of life and with a few changes or accommodations, everyone can live, learn, and play together”

Diane Bubel, Co-founder of the National Inclusion Project

 “Great visit from Todd and Cheryl Schleuning, authors of The Misphits. They shared some of their writing process, did an interactive reading of their book, and left the students with a positive message about tapping into their own creativity and appreciating all of our differences!” 

Dianna Crawford, Library Media Specialist, Lebanon Junction Elementary

“Today I received in the mail a copy of the Misphits by the authors of the book. Cheryl is a former special ed teacher and she and her husband Todd wrote this great book about inclusion and acceptance of all. Also, if anyone is looking for a perfect teacher gift for an elementary teacher, this would be a wonderful addition to their classroom library. The story is very engaging, the art work is colorful and there are many interactive pages to support learning."  

Mary Jacob, Families Helping Families of Jefferson

What is Carma's Tail?

Watch Carma Survive and Thrive

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