About Us

Cheryl and I met at Woodstock 1994 (the 25-year reunion of the original Woodstock) and have been married since 1999.

Cheryl has her Master’s Degree in special education from the University of Louisville and I am a communications graduate of Bellarmine University.

We have three daughters named Ella (18), Grayson (18) and Sophia (15).

Who Are the Misphits?

The Misphits are a group of young animal friends who are oddities of their species. They were formed and are led by Sheep who recognizes their shared imperfections and encourages them to combine their unique talents to help other students at Animal Elementary. Their group includes:

  • • our leader sheep
  • • a turtle without a shell
  • • a snake that can't slither
  • • an elephant with a very poor memory
  • • a clumsy cat
  • • a cuddly porcupine
  • • a timid lion
  • • an eagle with poor vision
  • • a pig that can't stand to be dirty
  • Since their birth in 2004, characters and storylines began to emerge that naturally promoted the positive aspects of being different. Just a few of the stories include a:
  • • Squirrel with a nut allergy
  • • Beaver that can’t build
  • • Skunk that can’t stand his own smell
  • • Very serious hyena
  • • Platypus that can’t swim and is afraid of the water


Our Books

The Misphits: Story of Snake was our first children’s book and was released in 2012. Two other stories in the series have been completed with many more in the works.

In 2017, we co-authored Carma’s Tail: Diary of a Homeless Albino Pit Bull with our three daughters. It is an interactive children’s book that details the true life of rescue dog Carma and teaches children what to do if they come across an animal that needs to be rescued.



We are also the founders of Shart.com, an Ecommerce website that sells the Shart® Tee Shirt Frame. We have one patent and two trademarks related to our business.

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